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Radhe Enterprise
Contact Person: MR. BRIJESH SHAH
Tel No. 0265 - 6595341
Capacitor, Control Panel, Relay, Starter, Switchgear.

Amin Brothers
Contact Person: MR. PINAKIN AMIN
Tel No. 0265 - 6595705
Capacitor, Control Panel, Electrical Accessory, Electrical Equipment Industrial.

Danke Control Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. AMOL DAMLE
Tel No. 0266 - 8263425
Box Electrical Three Phase, Capacitor, Capacitor Ac, Capacitor Fan.

Hemresa Enterprises
Contact Person: MR. DUSHYANT DESAI
Tel No. 0265 - 2436194
Capacitor, Capacitor Ac, Capacitor Fan, Capacitor Flour Mill.

Lomi Enterprise Private Limited
Contact Person: MR. LOKESH SHAH
Tel No. 079 - 26425019
Mfg all type of High Temperature Cable.

Inde Engineering
Tel No. 079 - 25896318
Capacitor Dealers, Argon Welding Job Work, Capacitor Repair & Services.

Shrinath Traders
Contact Person: MR. ANIL MISTRY
Tel No. 260 - 2429580
Switchgear & Control, Modular Plate Switches & Accessories, Capacitors, Power & Energy Meters.

Aroon & Aroon
Contact Person:
Tel No. 265 - 2426620
H.R.C. Fuse Links, Capacitor, Power Capacitor, AC Capacitor, Gas Filled Capacitor

Icicon Electronics India Ltd.
Contact Person:
Tel No. 265 - 2830101/ 2830105
Multilayer Chip Type Ceramic Capacitor

Contact Person: MR. NIMISH SHAH
Tel No. 261 - 2280661
Bearings,Electrical Goods, Equipment & Supplies,Capacitors

Yesha Electricals Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person:
Tel No. 265 - 2282271/ 2282400

Jani Marketing Services
Contact Person: MR. CHAITANYA JANI
Tel No. - 9426456579
Mfg. Of Running And Starting Capacitors, Lubricants, Computer Hardware, Computer Software

Aum Sales Corporation
Contact Person: MR. NIRAJ
Tel No. - 9328211686
Mfg. Of Capacitors And Single Phase Preventer

Gujarat Poly Avx Electronics Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. ZAKIR LODHI
Tel No. 79 - 23287163
Mfg. Of Ceramic Capacitors And MOVs

Roshni Electronics
Contact Person: MR. KETAN PARIKH
Tel No. 265 - 2412698
Rectifiers, Diodes, Relays, Capacitor, Potentiometers, Switches, Relays, Connectors, Fuses, Solder Wire, Cutter, Stripper, Cooling Fan, Transistors, Indicators

M/S. Richi
Contact Person: MR. CHIRAG J.SHAH
Tel No. 265 - 2357025
Industrial Products, fans, Lightings, Switches, Wires, Accessories, MCB, RCCB, Distribution Board, C.FLs, Capacitor

Uma Electric Parts
Contact Person: MR. VIJAY LADANI
Tel No. 265 - 2416493
Control Panel Accessories, Motor Spare, Switchgears, Fuses, Limit Switches, Isolators, Plug And Sockets, Crane parts, Lugs, Cable Glands, Capacitors, Wire And Cables

Drishti Electricals
Contact Person:
Tel No. 79 - 22136006/ 22155732
Change Overs, Meters, Capacitors, APFC Relays, harmonic Blocks Reactors, Insulated Plugs & Sockets

Comet Electricals
Contact Person:
Tel No. 79 - 22149590/ 64506265
Relay, AC Drives, Soft Starter, Contactor, MCCB, Limit Switches, TME & Enclosure, HRC Fuses, Switch Fuse unit, Capacitors, ELCB

V.D. Electrical & Engineering Co.
Contact Person: MR. MAYUR DAVE
Tel No. - 9427302722
Switchgear, Capacitors, Change Over Switch, Transformers

Kiran Electricals
Contact Person: MR.KIRAN GANDHI
Tel No. 265 - 2434946
Supplying Of Electrical Goods, Instrumation Cables, Capacitors, Luminiares, Fans, Starters, Switchgears, Contactors, Relays, Switches, Electrical Panel, Boards, Busducts

Abb Ltd.
Tel No. 265 - 2692982
Mfg. of Current Tranformers And Capacitors, Voltage Transformers

Electro Link
Contact Person: MR.BHAVIN SHAH
Tel No. 79 - 294442
APFC Panels, Thyristors Switched RTPFC Panels, HT/LT Capacitors, Harmonic Filters, Active Filters, PCC, MCC Panel Boards

Electrologics Devices
Tel No. 79 - 22174395
Dealing In Relays, Connectors, Diode, Dispolays, Trimpots, Bridge Rectifier, Cables, Crystals, Switches, Capacitors, Transistors & Control Panel Accessories

Maruti Electricals
Tel No. 79 - 22114263
Mfgs. Of Electric Motors & Capacitors

Sunrise Electricals
Contact Person: MR.UMANG TANNA
Tel No. 2637 - 230754 / 231754
Larsen & Toubro, Capacitors, Cables, ICTP, SMTP, Fans, MCCB, Meters, CFL

Popular Power Controls Pvt.Ltd
Contact Person:
Tel No. 265 - 2562959 / 2562282
Power And Motor Control, Bus Ducts, Control & Relay Panels, Capacitors

Roshni Electronics
Contact Person:
Tel No. 265 - 2222698
Bridges, Modules, Totalizer, Electroytic Capacitor, w.w. Potentiometers, J. Plug Connectors, EL Glass Fuses, Soldring iron, Multitech Cutters, Proximity Switches

The Marsden Bakubhai & Sons Pv
Contact Person:
Tel No. 79 - 26628962 / 26625256
All PP Capacitors, HT/LT Furnace, LT- Heavy Duty, MPP Capacitors, APFC Panels

Century Corporation
Contact Person:
Tel No. 79 - 55222289
Running capacitors, power capacitors for a/c, motors & Lighting Aristo motor start capacitors

Navatek Systemst
Contact Person:
Tel No. 79 - 26222959 / 66622959
Ele. Capacitor, Solder, VEPL WW Resistors, High Voltage CER Caps & Mov., Didoes

Century Corporation.
Contact Person: MR. P.I.PAEL
Tel No. 79 - 26582529 / 65222289
Brand Running Capacitors, Power Capacitors & Dual Capacitors, Aristo Brand Motor Start Capacitors

Bhuji Electronics
Tel No. 79 - 22522222
Sales & Service Of Photo Copier Machine.SMD Capacitors 158 PF 1000 PCS, SMD Capactors 240 PF 1000 PCSSMD Capacitors 540 PF 1000 Pcs., SMD Resistors 4M3 1000 Pcs All above Size 0805.

Hetal Corporation
Contact Person: MR. R.D.PATEL
Tel No. 265 - 2424154/ 2436722/ 3015230
Industrial Electricals, Electronic Components, Capacitor, Integrated Circuit, Diodes, Transistors, Relays, Solder Wire, Switches, S.M.D.Components, Cynergy 3 Components

Modern Machinery Co.
Contact Person: MR. MIHIR PAREKH
Tel No. 79 - 22137930
We Are Dealing In Electric Motors, Capacitors, Transformers, Anti Vibration Mounting, AC Drives

Kohinoor Metals
Contact Person: MR. S.F.KHATRI /M.A.KHATRI
Tel No. 2641 - 245080 /290250
Aluminium Capacitor Housing Cans Bottle Etc
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