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Swaroop Agrochemical Industries
Agro Chemicals, Bio Fertilizers, Vermi Compost, Fungicides, Germicides, Home Garden Shoppee, Insecticides, Micro Nutrients, Pesticides, Seeds, Organic Fertilizers, Organic Soil Fertilizers, Organic Plant Fertilizers, Organic Garden Fertilizers, Organic Grass Fertilizers, Natural Organic Fertilizers, Organic Lawn Fertilizers

Bhagyalaxmi Industries
All King Of Plastic Bottels, Mfg For Pesticides Oil & Other Liquid Purpose 100mlto 5ltr, Pet Bottels

Aristo Biotech And Life Science Pvt.Ltd.
Pesticides, Insecticides, Herbicides, Fungicides, Plant Growth Regulators, Agro Chemicals,

Darshan Engineering
Manufacturer Of Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Pesticides, Mineral Plant And Material Handling Machineries.

Gujarat Krishi Chem Corporation
Quinalphos, Indosulphan Pesticides, Chlorpyriphos Formulations, Cypermethrin, Dimethoate, Fenvalerate, Injection, Insecticides, Isoproturon, Malathion, Methyl Parathion, Monocrotophos.

Net Matrix
Presticides (Chloropyiphos), Technical Grade.

Ultima Search
House Hold Pesticides,

Chemflow Enterprise
Manufactuter Of Precision Industrial Valves, Repairing, Reconditioning Of All Kind Of Industrial Valve, Pesticides, Chemical & Petrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Hardware, Textile, Paper, Chemical, Dyes & Chemicals.

Standarad Pesticides
Pesticide Formulations

Standard Pesticides Pvt.Ltd.
Quinalphos 1.5% Dust, Thiram, Zineb, A.N.A. 4.5% SL, Fulchloraltin, Metalaxyl + Mancozeb, P.M.A. 1% DS, Themephos, Triadimefon, B.H.C., Copper Oxy Chloride, Phosalone, Quinalphos Techinical, Phorate, Butachlor, Carbaryl, Carbendizame, Carbofuran, Acephate, Chloropyriphos, Cypermethrin, Diazinon, Dichlorvos, Dicofol, Endosulphan, Ethion, Fenitrethion, Fenvalerate, Sulphur, Isoproturon, Lindane, Malathion, Mancozeb, Anilophos, Methyl Parathion, Monocrotophos, Oxy Demeton Methyl, Phosphamidon, Quinalphose 25% EC, Simenthoate, Alpha Methrin, Decamethrin, Metalaxyl, Phenthorate

Shiv Chemicals
Mfr Of Pesticides, Miticides And Bio Stimulants

Star Crop Protection
Pesticide, Insectide, Plant Growth Promotor And Other Agro Chemicals

Krishna Agro
Dlrs. Pesticides, Seeds

Devidayal Sales Ltd.
Pesticides, Insecticides

Shree Evid Sons
Pesticide Formulations, Pest Control Services

Krishna Biotech Pvt.Ltd.
Mfr Of Agro-Chemicals, Pesticides, Plant Growth Promoter, Fungicides, Herbicides, Fertilizers Etc

Mahagujarat Agricotton Producer Co.Ltd.
Seed Pesticides & Fungicides & Herbicides & Each

Gujarat Insecticides Ltd.
Insecticides And Pesticides

Dhanalaxmi Chemicals
Mfg. of Dyes And Drugs Intermediates And Pesticides

Pushpack India
Aluminium P.P. Cap, Pesticides, Seal Screw Plug, Inner, Measuring Cup, Dropper

Krishi Rasayan Exports Pvt.Ltd.
Pesticides, Fertilizers, Herbicides, Fungicides

Shree Group Of Companies
Trading Agricultural Raw Materials And Pesticides

Mehta Petrol Refineries Ltd.
Pesticides Formulation Fluid, Cleaning Fluid, Industrial Lubricants, Transformer Oils, Metal Cutting Oils, Waxes & Jellies, Hydrualic Oils, Gear Oils.

Anmol Agrotech Industries
We are Mfg. Of All types Of Seeds And Pesticides And Fertilizers

Yogeshwar Krushi Rasayan
Dealing Of All types Of Pesticides, Herbicides And Fungicides

Abhay Trading Co.
Dealing In Dyes, Chemicals, Acid, Solvent, Pesticides, Auxiliaries

Mfg. Of Agricultural Chemicals, Herbicides, Bactericide, Biofungicides, Biopesticides, Fungicides, Insecticide Natural Organic Pesticide, Neem Insecticide, Pest Control Chemicals

Nakshatra Agro
We are Mfg. Of Organic Pesticides

Pacific Crop Science
Pesticides, Fungicides, Herbicides, Plant Growth Pramoter, Fertilizer & Bio Chemicals

Gujarat Krishi Rasayan Pvt.Ltd.
Pesticides, Plant Growth Promoter, Agro Chemicals

Agro Products, Pesticides, Insectides Micronutrients, Cattle Feed & Feed Supplements

Ever Brig Corporation
Mfg. Of Plastic Bottles For Pharmaceuticals, Pesticides, Diagnostics, Cosmetics, Oil

Murlidhar Plast Pack
Mfrs Of Pesticides And Pharmaceuticals, Plastic Packaging Articles, Injection Moulding

Gujarat Pesticides
Pesticides, Insecticides, Herbicides, Wedicides, Furgicides

Alpesh-Bio Orgenic Fertilizer Co.
Fertilizers, Natural Pesticide & Insecticide

Murlidhar Plast - Pack
Mfg. Of Pesticides And Pharmaceuticals

Vallabh Pesticides Ltd.
Glyphosate, Imidacloprid, Acetamirprid, DDVP, 76EC, Nitro Benzene, Pendimethalin.

Gsp Crop Science Pvt. Ltd.
Mfg. Of Pesticides Technical & Formulation.

Shreeji Pesticides Pvt.Ltd.
Mfg. Of Crop Protection Products

Agro Life Science Corporation
Pesticides Insecticides, Needicides, Fungicides, Plant Growth Regulator,

Nagra Agro Chemical
Pesticides Formulation Bio Products

Ghoniya Industrial Products
Compressed Woollen Felt Sheets & Rolls, Felt Polishing Wheel

Tube Products Incorporatei
Mfrs.& Exporters Of Pipe Fittings, Flanges & Stockist Of Pipes

Deedy Chemicals Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer And Supplier Of Pharmaceutical Chemicals, Pesticides Intermediates, Sulfuric Acid.

Agro Chemicals, Pesticites Formulation, Emulsifier Solvent, Pesticides.

Shree Kisan Agro Chem Corp.
Pesticides, Agro Chemicals, Solvents.

Ashok Pesticides
We are Dealing in Pest Control Service, Insecticide Pesticide.

Annapurna Agro Chemicals
Pesticides Formulation

Sonera Insecticides Pvt.Ltd.
All Types Of Agro Chemicals (Pesticides, Herbicides, Fungicides, Seed, Fertilizer)

Sardar Patel Chemicals
Mfg. Of Pesticides & Insecticides

Gujarat Krushi Rasayan Pvt.Ltd
Agro Chemicals, Pesticides, Plast Growth Promotors

Maruti Laboratory
Pesticides Formulations & Plant Hormones (Liquid Pesticides Granule Pesticides And Powder Pesticides)

Nagra-Agro Chemical
Pesticides Bio Product - Fertilizers

Basf India Ltd.
Herbicides-Pesticides-Insecticides Agrochemical Formulation.
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