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Ahmedabad Vadodara Mehsana Bhavnagar Valsad

Hitech Controls
Contact Person: MR. BHAVIK PARIKH
Tel No. 0 - 9328545777
Industrial Automation Solution, Solar Automation, Batch Automation, Panels, Plant Integrations, EMS, UPS, DG SEt, Pressure Transmitter, Flow Meters, Level Transmitters, Gas and Liquid Analyzer.

Ship Automation
Contact Person: MR. MANAN SHAH
Tel No. 0 - 9624424242
Marin Automation, Spare Parts Repair/Servicing, Sourcing Automation Spares, Onboard Troubleshooting, Procurement Service & Consulting, Automatic Voltage Regulators, Engine Control & Alarm System, Fire Detection, Pneumatic Valves & Controls, Boil Automation, Air Circuit Breakers, Pressure Switch, Pressure Transmitter.

Afriso India Pvt. Ltd.
Tel No. 020 - 27129421 / 9004527930
Manufacturers Of Measuring And Control Devices For Pressure and Temperature, Pressure Gauge with Chemical Seal, Portable Flue Gas Analyzers - Multilyzers NG / Eurolyzer ST / Bluelyzer ST, Pressure Transducers - DMU 02 and DMU 600 Series, Pressure Gauges, Chemical Seal Pressure Gauges, Pressure Transducer, Digital Pressure Gauge,Portable Flue Gas Analyzer, Digital Manometer, IR Temperature detector, Gas Detector, Alarm Unit For Low Gas Level, Gas & Smoke Detector GRM, Level Indicators Etc..

Infra Control Systems
Contact Person:
Tel No. 265 - 2387723/ 2387191
Pressure Indicators, Pressure Transmeter, Thermo Anemometers, Transmitters, Temperature Controllers, Turnkey Projects, Weather Data Monitoring System, Wind Speed - Direction Indicator, Meter : pH Meter, Flow Totalizers, Process Indicator Controllers, Loop Powered Indicators, Timer : Sequential Timer, Turbine Flow Meter, Level Transmitters, Signal Distributors, Temperature Scanners, Data Loggers, Smoke Detectors, Chart Recorders, Data Acquisition System, Dew Measuring Systems, Dew Point Alaram, Dew Point Meters, Alarm Annunciator, Flow Meters / Indicators, Gas Detectors, Humidity - Temperature Indicators, Humidity Controllers, Humidity Indicators, Humidity Recorders, Humidity Sensors, Humidity Transmeter, Hygro Meter Alarms, Hygro Meter Sensors, Hygro Thermo Meter, L.P.G. Gas Detectors, Anemometer, Moisture Analyser, Moisture Indicators, Multicolour Moving Message Displays, Temperature Datalogger, Temperature Transmitters

Innovative Instruments Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person:
Tel No. 265 - 2791184/ 2786405
Pressure Transmeter, Calibrator, Energy Meters Electronic, Level Indicator, Moisture Meters

Broil Sensotek Industries
Contact Person: MR. VIPUL PATEL
Tel No. 2762 - 224411
Mfg. Of Fuel Flow Sensors, Water Flow Sensors, Fuel Consumption Meter, Vehicle Fleet And Fuel Management Systems, Pressure Transmitter, Temperature Sensors

Care Process Instrument
Tel No. 0 - 7575808287
Pressure Gauges, Pressure Switch, Magnehelic Gauge, Pressure Transmitter, HVAC Instruments, Moisture Transmitter, Flow Instruments, Level Instruments, Calibration Master Instruments, Temperature Instruments.

Mifa Systems
Contact Person: MR. ABHAY UPADHYE
Tel No. 079 - 26870885
Mfg. Of Controller, AC Drives / VFD, Servo Motors Drive, Pressure Transmitter, Pressure Transduser, Data Logger / Data Recoder, Pressure Switches, Remote Maintenence, Diffrential Pressure, Injection Moulding Controller.

Yokogawa India Limited
Tel No. 265 - 2333762
Control Systems, Pressure Transmitters, Level Transmitters, Flow Meters/ Indicators, Ph Analyzer, Controllers, Recorders, Testing Instruments, Measuring Instruments, Power Solutions, Solutions

Sainath Controls
Contact Person: MR. BHADRESH PATEL
Tel No. 79 - 22894685
Mfr Of Control Panel, PLC, VFD, APFC, PCC, MCC, AC Drives, PLC, SCADA, Pressure Transmitter, Proximitry Switches, SMPS, Process Instruments

Vansh Corporation
Contact Person: MR. RAJESH PATEL
Tel No. - 9879131617
Thermocouple, Temperature Controllers, Indicators, Indicators, Sensors, Switches, Pressure & Temperature Transmitters, PID Controllers

Sensor Techniques
Tel No. 79 - 25852171
Load Cells, Weighing Scales, Pcb, Pressure Transducers, Pressure Transmitters, Digital Load Cells, Load Cells Amplifier, Oem Service Provider Etc.

National Electricals & Electronics Corporation
Contact Person: MR. ASHOK PATEL
Tel No. 265 - 2426264
Relays, Power Supply, Pressure And Temp Transmitter, Cooling Fans And Accessories For Automation Panels

Gajanan Industrial Instrument
Tel No. - 9226929992
Dealing In Industrial Instruments As Like Pressure Gauge, Temperature Gauge, Digital Pressure Gauge, Pressure Transmitter, Industrial Valves & Industrial Data Logging Software.

Precise Instrumentaion
Contact Person: MR.RITESH SHAH
Tel No. - 8401504033
Pressure Gauges, Pressure Transmitter.

Global Instruments
Tel No. 265 - 2464172
All Type Of Pressure Gauges, Switches & Transmitter, Recorders, Transducer, Pneumatics Valve, RTD, Indicator, PID Controller, Rotameter, Flow Meters, Connectors, Flanges & Industrial Valves

Global Instrument
Contact Person: MR. UMESH UPADHYAY
Tel No. 265 - 2262222
Transducer, Pressure Transmitter

Aptus Automation
Contact Person: MR. JIENDRA BHOJAK c
Tel No. - 99222289229
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