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Ac Drives & Technology Pvt. Ltd.
Tel No. 79 -
AC Drives, AC Power Supplies Drives, Variable Speed Drives, Inverter, D.C.Motor, Temperature Controller

Ac Drives & Technology Pvt. Ltd.
Tel No. -
AC Drives, AC Power Supplies Drives, Variable Speed Drives, Inverter, D.C.Motor, Temperature Controller

Procon Technologies Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. DHAVAL MEHTA
Tel No. 079 - 27492566 / 27432871
Temperature Controllers, Process Controllers, Panel Meters, Touch Screen HMI, Ultrasonic Flow Meters, Paperless Recorder, Weighing & Dosing System, MES Software, Automation Panels, Multi-Loop Controller.

Bluebird Enterprise
Contact Person: MR. KEYUR BHATT - PROP
Tel No. 0265 - 2680039
Sensors, Heaters, Panels, I Theme Temperature Controllers, Guages, Proxy, Thermowells

Afriso India Pvt. Ltd.
Tel No. 020 - 27129421 / 9004527930
Manufacturers Of Measuring And Control Devices For Pressure and Temperature, Pressure Gauge with Chemical Seal, Portable Flue Gas Analyzers - Multilyzers NG / Eurolyzer ST / Bluelyzer ST, Pressure Transducers - DMU 02 and DMU 600 Series, Pressure Gauges, Chemical Seal Pressure Gauges, Pressure Transducer, Digital Pressure Gauge,Portable Flue Gas Analyzer, Digital Manometer, IR Temperature detector, Gas Detector, Alarm Unit For Low Gas Level, Gas & Smoke Detector GRM, Level Indicators Etc..

Asi Technology
Contact Person: MR. HITESH SOLANKI
Tel No. - 8460612343
We Manufacture Power And Control Panels With High Quality Automation Products And International Standards For Different Applications Across The Industry.

Sensotech Instrument
Contact Person:
Tel No. 260 - 2422221, 3267574
Manufacturer Of Flameproof & Non Flame Proof Rtd, Thermocouple. Sensor, Digital Temp, Scanner & Multi Point Indicato, Temp Controller.

Lubi Electronics
Contact Person: MR. JIGNESH NAIK
Tel No. 260 - 2425307
Distributer And Trader Of AC Drive, CNC Controller, AC Gear Motor, UPS, Sensor, Temperature Controller.

Multispan Control Instrument Pvt Ltd
Contact Person: MR. DARSHAN MODI
Tel No. 079 - 40029250
Manufacturing Of Automation Instruments, Temperature & Process Control, Timers & Counters, Energy & Power Measurement, Customized Instruments, Timers & Counters, Energy & Panel Meters, Protection Devices.

Cliffs Electronics
Contact Person:
Tel No. 265 - 2644100/ 2641970
D.C. Drives, Digital Timers, Line Conditioners, Power Supply, Temperature Controllers, Battery Chargers, Stabilizer, U.P.S., Computer System, C.V.T.

Infra Control Systems
Contact Person:
Tel No. 265 - 2387723/ 2387191
Pressure Indicators, Pressure Transmeter, Thermo Anemometers, Transmitters, Temperature Controllers, Turnkey Projects, Weather Data Monitoring System, Wind Speed - Direction Indicator, Meter : pH Meter, Flow Totalizers, Process Indicator Controllers, Loop Powered Indicators, Timer : Sequential Timer, Turbine Flow Meter, Level Transmitters, Signal Distributors, Temperature Scanners, Data Loggers, Smoke Detectors, Chart Recorders, Data Acquisition System, Dew Measuring Systems, Dew Point Alaram, Dew Point Meters, Alarm Annunciator, Flow Meters / Indicators, Gas Detectors, Humidity - Temperature Indicators, Humidity Controllers, Humidity Indicators, Humidity Recorders, Humidity Sensors, Humidity Transmeter, Hygro Meter Alarms, Hygro Meter Sensors, Hygro Thermo Meter, L.P.G. Gas Detectors, Anemometer, Moisture Analyser, Moisture Indicators, Multicolour Moving Message Displays, Temperature Datalogger, Temperature Transmitters

Adi Controls
Contact Person:
Tel No. 265 - 2655081
Temperature Controllers, Digital Counters, Thermocouple, Data Loggers, Indicators, Digital Temperature Indicators, Digital Temperature Scanner, Digital Timers, Electronic Equipments, Temperature Programmer

Ac Tech Control Systems
Contact Person: BHAVESH PATEL
Tel No. 79 - 241136/8128681170
AC Drives, AC Power Supplies Drives, Variable Speed Drives, Inverter, D.C.Motor, Temperature Controller

Techno Fab Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Contact Person:
Tel No. 265 - 2642548/ 2653994
S.M.P.S, Sheet Metal Boxes, Medical Equipments, Computer Cabinets, Temperature Controller Boxes

Multispan Instruments
Contact Person: MR. JIGNESH PATEL
Tel No. 79 - 22822862
Digital Temperature Sensors, Controllers, Timers, Time Totalisers, Energy Meters

Amess Controls Pvt.Ltd
Contact Person: MR. ANAND SHARMA
Tel No. 79 - 25841777/78
Complete Servo Panel For Bag Making Machine, Servo Motor, Servo Drive, Plc, Cnc Controller, Injection Molding Controller, Temperature Controllers

Vision Industrial Product
Contact Person: MR. VIJAY RAVAL
Tel No. - 7874743322
Temperature Controllers / Indicator, Laboratory Instruments, Humidity Chamber, Hot Air Oven, Muffle Furnace, Tensile Testing Machine, Sensor, Heater, Weighing Scales, Pumps

Mifa Systems
Contact Person: MR. ABHAY UPADHYE
Tel No. 079 - 26870885
Mfg. Of Controller, AC Drives / VFD, Servo Motors Drive, Pressure Transmitter, Pressure Transduser, Data Logger / Data Recoder, Pressure Switches, Remote Maintenence, Diffrential Pressure, Injection Moulding Controller.

Ambica Enterprises
Contact Person: MR. JAGDISH H. BHAVSAR
Tel No. 0265 - 2630405
Industrial Heaters, Thermocouple, Control Panel, Temperature Controller, Timer, Drives, Motors, Torque Drives, Torque Motors, Oven, Heating Mantle, Muffle Furnaces

Patel Electric Corporation
Tel No. 265 - 2644460/ 2651071
All Types Of Heaters , MCC, APFC Control Panel, Dryers, Electrical Air Circulation Oven, Thermocouples, Temperature Controllers, Static Charger Eleminator

Aashna Associates
Tel No. 265 - 2325960
All Types Of Pressure & Tempareture Gauges, Temperature Controllers, Thermometer, Timer, Totalizer, Testers, Meters

Omkar Mechatronics
Contact Person: MR. RUPESH M.PATEL
Tel No. 265 - 6544119
PLC Panels, Drives, Scada, Servo Systems, Controllers, Sensors, Engineering And Services, Temperature Controllers, Consultancy, Training

Power Controls
Tel No. 265 - 2631240
Bus Duct, Control Panel, DC Drives, Motor & Power Control Centre, Heaters, Counters, Sensors, Temperature Controllers, Torque Drives.

Nemi Electric Industries
Contact Person: MR. MAYUR JAIN
Tel No. 265 - 2426186/ 2426186
Relays, Pipes, Cable Joining Kit, Meters, Rotary Switches, Temprature Controllers, AC Drives, Panel Accessories, Fuses, Power Capacitor, Street Light

Sun Products
Contact Person: MR. PRASHANT PATEL
Tel No. 0 - 9898605803
All Type Of Microcontroller Based Digital Panel Meter, Timer, Counter, Temperature Controller, Energy Meter, Power Panel And Automation Solution

Atul Industries
Contact Person: MR. A SONI
Tel No. - 9428583363
All Types Of Sensor, Thermocouple, Digital Temperature Indicator/ Controllers, Timer, Counters, Flow Meter, Level Controller, Manometers, Meters, Electronic Instruments, Cables

Zeal Enterprise
Tel No. - 9376218148
Automation Products, Control Panel, Servo Drive Sensors, Temp. Controller, Level Sensors, Encoders, PLC

Vansh Corporation
Contact Person: MR. RAJESH PATEL
Tel No. - 9879131617
Thermocouple, Temperature Controllers, Indicators, Indicators, Sensors, Switches, Pressure & Temperature Transmitters, PID Controllers

Elecrocom Technology India Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. NARENDRA JAIN
Tel No. 79 - 32201037
All Kinds Of Electronics And Instrumentation Products, Microprocessor Micro Controller Based Advance Systems, Data Acquisition Systems, AC Drives, Temperature Controllers.

Contact Person: MR. MUKESH DOBARIA
Tel No. 261 - 6532688
AC Drives, PLC, AC Servo Motor And Driver, Encoder, Temperature Controllers, CNC Controller, Ac Servo Speed Reducer, Linear Motor Systems

Patel Trading Co.
Tel No. 265 - 2433139
Thermostat, Heaters, Industrial Heaters, Thermocouples, Temperature Controller, Bag Sealing Machines, Heating Elements Etc

Biren Techno
Contact Person: MR.MITESH PATEL
Tel No. 79 - 22200669
Mfg. Of Digital Panel Meter, Temperature Controller, Timer, Counter, Micro Based Instrument

Automec Engineers
Contact Person:
Tel No. 2646 - 329904
Pressure Indicators, Temperature Controllers, Flow Sensors, Level Transmitters, Power Supply, Signal Isolators, Recorders, Solenoid Vales, Switches

Alfa Instruments
Contact Person: MR. RAKESH PATEL
Tel No. 79 - 65240696
Digital Temperature Controllers And Indicators, RMP Count And Time Totalizers, Temperature Controllers, Photo Control, Length Counters

Contact Person: MR.PRAFUL PATEL
Tel No. 79 - 2281 1329 / 3292 4522
Temperature Indicators, Controllers, Scanners, Sensors, Counters

Devanshi Electronics Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. PRAFUL JHALANI
Tel No. 265 - 2354781
PID Controllers, Temperature / Profile Controllers, Data Loggers, PC Based Control Sysems / AC Drives / Inverters, PLC, Digital Timers / Counters

Raj Oversaes
Contact Person: MR. J.S.GANDHI
Tel No. 79 - 25507193
Mfg. Of Datalogger, Microscope, Stepper Motor Drive, Sensor, Indicating Controller, Tensile Testing Machine, Weighing Scales, Temperatrure Controller, Timers, Counters

Spark Automation
Tel No. 0 - 9327289721
AC Drives, PLC, Display, Temperature Controller, PID Controller, Customised AC Drives(1/2 HP), Counter, Timer, AC Servo System, AC Drive Repairing

Paurav Enterprise.
Contact Person:
Tel No. 79 - 26562829 / 9825952929
Heat Resistance Wires,Temp.Controller & General Supplier

Maxwell Automatic.
Contact Person:
Tel No. 79 - 25834759/9374265544
DC Drives,Mold Temperature Controllers,Melt Pressure & Temperature Indicators

Automac Engineerss
Contact Person: MR. PARAS PAEL
Tel No. 2646 - 229892
Process Control Instruments, Temperature Controllers, Pressure Gauges, etc

Aarohi Embedded Systems
Contact Person: MR. VIPUL HAKER
Tel No. 281 - 2222289
Digital Panel Meter, Volt/Amp/Watt/P.F.Meter, Electro Magnetic Flow Meter, Digital Pressure Meter, Timer, Counter, Temp.Controller, etc

Multispan Instruments Company.
Contact Person:
Tel No. 79 - 22222225 / 22228225 / 22229865
Temperature Controllers, Timers, Counters, Programmable Timers, Counters, Panel Meter & Power Analyzer

Systems & Automations S
Contact Person: MR. SAISH KUMAR
Tel No. - 99226562229
Mfg. Temperature Indicator, Controller, Weighing Indicator, Level Indicator, Batch Controller, Speed Controller

Integrated Electronic Services
Tel No. 265 - 6599696 - 92
Process Control Instruments, Temperature Controllers, Counter, Timers, Photo Switches, Energy Savers, Energy Audits And Control Panels

Contact Person: MR.USHAR JINWALA
Tel No. 265 - 2622222
Heat Exchangers, Condensors, Process Equipments, Reaction Vessels

Contact Person: MR. KAMLESH PARMAR
Tel No. 265 - 9822252892
Digital Temperature Controller, Thermocouple & RTD Sensors

Ketaki Engineers
Contact Person: MR. KANI L. SHAH
Tel No. 265 - 2629229/2222829
Sprinkler Irrigation Metal Spares, Revolving Chair Stand Spares

Liquid Controles India Pvt. Lt
Contact Person: MR. V.D.MANGAONKAR
Tel No. 265 - 2622855 / 2622856
Flow Measuring Systems And Equipments

Quality Calibration Center.
Contact Person: MR. HARESH AHIR
Tel No. -
Calibration Services Of Industrial Equipments, Temperature Controller, Multi Meter.

Bothra Electric & Refrigeration Company
Contact Person: MR. HARSH BOTHRA
Tel No. 79 - 26575459/9327482763
Trader & retailer of engineering construction solutions, hot gas bypass valves, expansion valves, temperature controllers, water flow switches & refrigeration equipment and excel fans.

Hari Trading Co.
Tel No. - 919925023500
Distributor Photoelectric Sensors, Proximity Sensors, Capacitive Sensors, Encoders, Temperature Controllers, Power Supply, Counters, Timers

Dynamic Engineering & Trade
Tel No. 265 - 2342291
Products Like Timers, Temperature Controllers, SMPS, Tachometers, Motor Protection Devices, Energy Meters, Energy Management System

Contact Person: MR. GAURANG PATEL
Tel No. 281 - 2926434
Timer, Counter, RPM, Length Counter, Energy Meter, Temperature Controller, Ampere, Meter, Volt Meter, PID, Universal Temperature Controller

Micro Minus Electronics
Contact Person: MR.NIMESH SHAH
Tel No. 79 - 25262929/99228222262
Mfg. Of Electronics Rectifiers, Volt & Ameter, Timer Temperature Controller, Ph & Conductivity(TDS) Meter, Amp Hour Meter, Panel Instrument, Dpm, Hz, Temp. Ind./Controllers, Timers, Counters, RPM, Micro Controller Based Instruments
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