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Altret Industries Pvt.Ltd.
Tel No. 0 - 9879104421
Industrial Products, Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals, Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals, Solid Fuel Additives, Liquid Fuel Additives, Membrane Antiscalants & Cleaners, Surfactants & Polymers, Pre Cleaning & Passivation Treatment, Sugar Process Chemicals, Chlorine Dioxide Generator, Demineralization Plant, Reverse Osmosis Plant, Softening Plant, Disinfectants & Sanitizers, Hand Wash, Facility Cleaning Chemicals, Carpet Cleaning Chemicals, Marble Polish, Kitchen Cleaning Chemicals, Specialized Cleaning Chemicals, Laundry Chemicals, Car Cleaning.

Nitramax Water Technology
Contact Person: MR. PRATIK JOSHI
Tel No. -
Mfg all typ of Water Treatment Plant, Sewage Treatment Plant, RO Industrial Membrane, etc.

Mintu Impex
Contact Person: MR. ASHVIN BHATT
Tel No. 0265 - 2390007
Kitchen Equipment, Material Handling, Water Treatment Plant, Water Treatment Chemical, Agriculture Products, Renewable Energy.

Manhar Specialities
Contact Person: MR.PRAKASH O. SHAH - PROP
Tel No. 0265 - 2513595
Water Treatment Chemicals, Polymers, Corrosion Inhibitors, Sugar Processing Chemicals, Cleaners, Detergent Additives, Dispersant Systems

Mahavir Specialities
Contact Person: MR. PRAJESH O. SHAH - PROP
Tel No. 0265 - 2513595 / 6541995 / 9925016106
Water Treatment Chemicals, Polymers, Corrosion Inhibitors, Quath, Sugar Processing Chemicals, Dispersant Polymers

Aries Chemtech
Contact Person: MR. AJAY RANA
Tel No. - 9979691917
Manufacturer of Water Treatment Chemicals, Polymer for Water Treatment, BKC and Phosphonates.

Western India Chemical Corporation
Contact Person:
Tel No. 0265 - 361915 / 362543
Manufacturing Water Treatment Chemicals.

Aquazur India Ltd.
Contact Person:
Tel No. 0265 - 2335120/ 2438436
Water Treatment Chemicals

Nimyog Chemicals
Contact Person:
Tel No. 265 - 2338182
Water Treatment Chemicals

Krishna Chem Industry
Contact Person:
Tel No. 0265 - 2572395/ 2566755
Water Treatment Chemicals, Acid, Solvents, Fine Chemicals, Industrial Chemicals, Inorganic Chemical, Laboratory Chemicals, Organic Chemicals

Pioneer Chemical
Contact Person:
Tel No. 265 - 2391584
Water Treatment Chemicals, Biocide Chemicals

Kats Organics Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person:
Tel No. 0265 - 2351287/ 2339754
Water Treatment Chemicals, Biocide, Corrosion Inhibitors, Chemicals, Scale Inhibitor

Matangi Enterprises
Contact Person:
Tel No. 0265 - 2395175/ 2397406
Water Treatment Chemicals, Biocide, Descalants, Fuel Addivities

Imperial Chem. Incorporation
Contact Person:
Tel No. 265 - 2521516/ 6537374
Water Treatment Chemicals, Solution, Industrial Chemicals, Laboratory Chemicals, Ammonium Thiosulphate, Oil Field Chemicals, Photographic Chemicals.

Raybon Chemicals And Allied Products
Contact Person: MR. CHANDAN SARKAR
Tel No. 265 - 2226006/ 2225855
Water Treatment Plants & Chemicals

Smile Marketings
Contact Person: MR. RAJESH B DOSHI
Tel No. 0265 - 6522891
Water Treatment Plants & Chemicals

Synergy Multi Chem
Tel No. 265 - 2324260
Water Treatment Plants & Chemicals

Hydro Chem (India)
Contact Person: MR. J. M. UPADHYAY
Tel No. 0265 - 2334592
Water Treatment Plants & Chemicals, Chemical Supplies

Wipp Engineers
Contact Person:
Tel No. 0265 - 2338798
Water Treatments Chemicals

Zeal Internationals
Contact Person: MR. KUMAR DAVE
Tel No. 0 - 9426032371
Mfg. Of Water Treatment Liquid For Cooling Tower & Boiler Water Treatment

Rupesh Chemicals
Contact Person: MR. HARRESH PATEL
Tel No. 260 - 2424413
Special Chemicals, Water Treatment Chemical, Trading In Auxilary Chemicals & Acids.

Purechem Enterprise
Contact Person:
Tel No. 0260 - 2424511
Boiler & Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals, Chilled Water Treatment Chemicals, R.O.Anti Scalent, Fuel Additives For FO & Coals, Water Treatment Resins.

Contact Person: MR. KETAN H.PATEL
Tel No. 260 - 2410290
Water Treatment Plant & Machinery Fabrication Of MS SS & Piping Job, Water Treatment Chemicals,

Hydro-Tech Services
Contact Person: MR. ATUL CHOKSI
Tel No. 260 - 2428569
Water Treatment Chemicals, Boilers Water, Cooling Water, R.O.Water.

Shree Sai Aquatreat
Tel No. 260 - 2462411
Water Treatment Plant & Spare, Water Treatment Chemical & Test Kit Fuel & Coal Additive, ETP Chemicals.

Haresh Enterprises
Contact Person: MR. ASHOK PATEL
Tel No. 260 - 2450709
Supplier Of Multilayer Composite Pipe, Water Treatment Chemicals, Lubi Pumps, AHUS Chilling Plants, Filters Pidlite Paints & All Types Of Industrial Items,

Varsha Chemicals
Contact Person:
Tel No. 265 - 2423433
Germicides, De Fluordation Chemicals, Cleaners, Water Treatment Chemicals, Treatment Chemicals, Effluent Treatment Chemical, Construction Chemicals

Altret Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.
Contact Person:
Tel No. 261 - 2226825 / 2222522 / 2226922
Chemicals : Speciality Chemicals, Water Treatment Chemicals

Ameya Dye Chem (P) Limited
Contact Person:
Tel No. - 9822989222
Coating : Protective Coating, Ink : Printing Ink, Lubricants : Speciality Lubricants, Water Treatment Chemicals, Resins : Silicon Resins, Coding and Labelling Machines, Ethano

Contact Person: MR. TEJAS PARIKH
Tel No. - 9510007271
Dealing In Agriculture Chemicals, Agriculture Inputs, Water Treatment Chemicals And Other Chemicals

Jkb Marketing Pvt. Ltd.
Tel No. 281 - 2364879
Water Treatment Plants & Chemicals

Umalaxmi International
Contact Person:
Tel No. 265 - 2351536/ 6521536
Herbal Products, Mineral, Water Treatment Chemicals, Soyabean Meal, Agricultural Products, Gaur Gum Powder, Chemicals, Dye Intermediates, Dyes, Organic Pigment Powders, Pharmaceutical Raw Materials

Puja Chemicals
Contact Person:
Tel No. 261 - 2477840 / 2477064
Polyelectrolyte, Water Treatment Chemicals, Biocide, Cooling Water Treatment Chemical, Effluent Treatment Chemical, Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals, Sugar Chemicals

Prabhudas Tulsidas Co.
Tel No. 281 - 2575652
All Kinds Of Water Treatment Chemicals, Paper Chemicals

Krushna Industrial Corporation
Tel No. 281 - 2366430
Turnkey Mineral Water Projects, Industrial R.O.Plants, Softners, Solar Water Heaters, ETP Plants, Swimming Pool Filters, Water Treatment Chemicals

Ecosterile Mkt.Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person: MR.PIYUSH AKBARI
Tel No. 261 - 2296992
Mfr Of Liquid Chlorine Dioxide, Water Treatment Chemical, Cooling Tower Chemical

Conserve Watercare System
Contact Person: MR. INDRAKUMAR
Tel No. 265 - 2327062
Water Treatment Chemicals

Ambachem Industries
Contact Person: MR. B.J. MEHTA
Tel No. 265 - 2651846/ 2642387
Accelerator Tetra Ethyl & Tetra Methyl Thiuram Disulphide, Zinc Dibutyl Di Thio Carbonate, Metal Treatment Chemicals, Rubber Chemicals, Water Treatment Chemicals

Vijeta Enterprise
Contact Person: MR.VIJETA TIWARI
Tel No. 2876 - 221295
Construction Chemicals, HCL, Chlorine ETP Chemicals, Other Chemicals

Bhumi Electrochem
Contact Person: MR. MANOJ MAVANI
Tel No. - 9822225512
Electroplating Chemicals, Water Treatment Chemicals

Pure Drops
Contact Person: MR.CHETAN MODI
Tel No. 261 - 2356295
Mfg & Dealing In Water Treatment Chemicals, Water Treatment Filtration Plants

Prime Aqua Treat
Contact Person:
Tel No. 261 - 3108527
Water Treatment Plants, Water Treatment Chemicals, Energy Efficient Pumps, Softening Plants, RO Plants, DM Plants, Ultra Filtration Systems

Astron Chemicals (India)
Contact Person:
Tel No. 079wa - 25396567/ 25399197
Mfg. Of Laboratory Chemicals,Fine Chemicals, Microscopic Stains, Indicators, Diagnostic Reagent, Water Testing Kits, Reagents.

Finor Piplaj Chemicals
Tel No. 2646 - 229222
Water Treatment Chemicals

Hydro Care Engineers
Contact Person: MR.ALAY SHAH
Tel No. 2646 - 252598 / 329901
Water Treatment Chemicals, Water Treatment Equipments, Pollution Control Equipments

Jyoti Corporation
Tel No. 261 - 3211171
Water Treatment Chemicals, Water Treatment Plants, DP Pumps

Aquasys Incorporation
Contact Person: MR.NACHIKET SHAH
Tel No. 265 - 2516773
Chemical Water Treatment, Antiscalant

Motto Tech Industries
Contact Person:
Tel No. 79 - 25841237/9824069907
Manufacturer Of: FRP Cooling Tower & Dealers of Water Treatment Chemicals

Altret Performace Chemicals Gu
Contact Person: MR. RAJ LOKHANDWALA c
Tel No. - 9829292259
Mfg. Of Water Treatment Chemicals For Boilers And Cooling Towers, Combustion Monitoring Chemicals, Hygeine Care Products And Textile Auxillaries

Sai Water
Contact Person:
Tel No. 0 - 9822182919/9222282919
Mfg. Of Water Treatment Plants, Water Treatment Chemicals

Zero Discharge Systems
Contact Person:
Tel No. 265 - 2225855 / 2226996
Water & Wastewater Treatment Equipments, Reverse Osmosis Plants, Evaporators, Incinerators

V. B. Chem Industries
Contact Person:
Tel No. 265 - 2289922
Speciality Treatment Chemicals For Process Cooling Water, Boiler Feed Water, Chilled Water, Biocodes, Low Molecular Wt Polymer, Descaling Chemicals, Corrosion Inhibitors For HCL, H2So4, Sugar Mills Chemicals, Water Hardness Testing Kits, A/c.

Paradise Environmental Services
Contact Person:
Tel No. 261 - 6598565
Water Treatment Equipment, Pumps, Resines & Chemicals.

Gujarat Enterprises
Contact Person: MR. BHARA BHAI
Tel No. 265 - 2225222/2225222
Glazed Tiles, Sanitary Ware, CP Fittings

Raybon Chemicals & Allied Products
Tel No. 265 - 2225855 / 2226996
Water & Waste Water Treatment Chemicals & Equipments

Altret Performance Chemicals Gujarat Private Limited
Tel No. 261 - 2451807/08447502932
Manufacturer and exporter of water treatment chemicals, boiler water treatment chemicals, cooling water treatment chemicals, RO treatment chemicals, monitoring chemicals, combustion monitoring chemicals and facility cleaning chemicals.

Power Pumps
Tel No. 281 - 2361212
Refrigeration & Equipment,Water Treatment Plants & Chemicals,Boilers, Components & Spares,Pumps & Pumping Equipment

Western Enviro Solutions
Tel No. - M - 97300 19833 / 99700 39833
Water Treatment Plants, Waste Water Treatment Plants, sewage Treatment Plants, Effluent Treatment Plants, Reverse Osmosis Systems, Demineralization Plant, Water Softners, Filteration Plant, Air Monitoring Services, MPCB Compalience Clearared Services, Laboratory Analzsis, Operation & Maintance Services

Hydro Filtsep Technologies P.Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. ALPESH SHAH
Tel No. 265 - 2321358
Mfg. And Supplier Of Water And Waste Water Treatment Plants, Spares, Chemicals And Consumables
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